Dwarf Tangelos, Kumquats & Exotics


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All varieties of Aloha Honua Dwarf Citrus Trees are growing in  3 pot sizes:
                                                a 4x9" pot for $50.00
                                                a 5 gallon pot for$75.00 
         and selected varieties in 15 gallon pots for $175.00    

     Nagami Kumquat

    The most widely available kumquat in North America. Olive size and 
    shape, bright orange fruit. Nagami flowers best in areas with warm
    summers. Late winter or early Spring ripening fruit.

    Meiwa Kumquat

     Fruit is more round than Nagami, with a bit more sweetness.
     Good candied or in marmalade. Produces best in hotter               


    Indio Mandarinquat

    A kumquat-mandarin hybrid with orange, bell shaped fruit and
    much larger
than a typical kumquat.  The sweet peel is eaten
    along with the tart flesh for a unique flavor combination. 

    Calamondin  (Calamansi, Philippine Lime)

    Prolific small orange fruit, zesty acid juice. Handsome compact 
    habit.  Also available in variegated form.

     Variegated Calamondin
     Fragrant bloom is followed by tart, petite, orange fruit like its                Calamondin cousin.  Immature fruit is strikingly green and
     yellow striped. Variegated foliage has a compact habit, suitable for         indoor patio containers.

     Buddha Hand (Fingered Citron)

    Unique fruit is highly esteemed for its shape and fragrance in
    China and Japan.  

   Yuzu (Citrus Junos)

    A highly prized import from Japan, the Yuzu is sought after by top  
    chefs worldwide for use as a garnish and for its extremely flavorful   

   A lime-like Japanese citrus related to Yuzu.  Highly acidic, flavorful         juice with distinctive spicy aroma.

      Minneola Tangelo

    Deep reddish-orange colored fruit in winter.  Leave fruit on tree for
    rich tangerine-like flavor in late spring through summer. Great for    
    juice when fully ripe. 

      Wekiwa Tangelo
      Sweet fruit with pink rind also known as "Lavander Gem"


Eustis Limequat

    Tart yellow fruit, attractive ornamental. 


    Oil from the rind of Bergamots is extracted for Earl Grey tea and is  
    the basis of eau de cologne. The tree is famous for its fragrant    
    blossoms and sour fruit.


    Australian Finger Lime  (Microcitrus australlsica)

    This somewhat thorny, tiny leafed relative of citrus has                 finger-like fruit with round, juicy, light colored vesicles.                  Known as "citrus caviar" with lime flavored fruit pearls.


      Fukusu Kumquat

     Rounded foliage, round or oblong sweet fruit.

    Marumi Kumquat

    Sweet round or oblong fruit with rounded foliage.

    Variegated Centennial

    Variegated fruit and foliage. Very juicy!