Dwarf Lemons

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All varieties of Aloha Honua Dwarf Citrus Trees are growing in  3 size pots:  
    a 4x9" pot for $50.00 , 
a 5 gallon pot for$75.00 
and selected varieties in 15 gallon pots for $175.00



  Most popular in home gardens, profific bearer, juicy fruit is less acid
  than other lemons.

  Genoa Italian Lemon- Used for cooking or making limoncello

   New Zealand Lemonade- This sweet juicy fruit actually tastes               like lemonade.


  California classic lemon with abundant crops of Commercial quality fruit.   Prune tree to keep compact


  Another choice for traditional tart lemon flavor.
Variegated Pink Lemon

Variegated foliage, bloom & new growth are fuchsia color,
flesh is pale pink, juice is clear. 

  Mediterranean Lemons
  Used for cooking or making limoncello.
       Genoa (Italian favorite),
       Villafranca (popular in Sicily),  
       Limonero fino (Lisbon like - from Spain) 

    Ponderosa Lemon

    Very large bumpy skinned lemon usually weighing 2 - 4 lbs.  Flavor is
lemon-like. Small to medium size tree, 8 to 12 ft. high