Dwarf Mandarins


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All varieties of Aloha Honua Dwarf Citrus Trees are grown in 5 gallon pots
$60.00 ea

    Clementine (Algerian)

    Sweet juicy fruit repens a mnth after Satsuma, holding well on the tree.                      
    Attractive foliage

    Gold Nugget

    Rich flavor, gold colored bumpy skin that is easy to peel.  Long Season,
    ripe spring through summer.  One of the best flavored citrus in the world! 


    Owari Satsuma

    Seedless fruit ripens Nov. - Dec. Hardiest of all mandarins.  
    Slow growing at first but worth the wait. 


    Upright vigorous tree.  Red-orange fruit is easy to peel, ripens from
    Dec.- March depending on climate. 

W. Murcott (Afourer)

    Easy to peel, great flavor.  Ripe starting in March.
    Responds well to thinning if crop is heavy.


    Bright reddish-orange.  Flavor rich and sprightly.  Tender and juicy.  
    Heavy bearing, winter ripening.


    California Honey

    Early spring ripening fruit with a rich sweet flavor.  
    Similar to "Murcott" from Florida.


    Seedless version of W. Murcott with excellent flavor and color.  
    Very productive with little alternate bearing.