Dwarf Limes


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All varieties of Aloha Honua Dwarf Citrus Trees are grown in 5 gallon pots
$60.00 ea

     Bearss Seedless

    Also known as Bartender's, Persian or Tahitian Lime.  
    Most popular and cold hardy.

    Finger Lime

    Petite, elongated fruit that ripen in fall or winter. Sometimes referred 
    to as "citrus caviar".  Adds a special "zing" to dishes.


    Mexican (West Indian, Key Lime)

    Genuine tropical flavor, smaller than Bearss, some seeds, frost sensitive. 

    Not a true lime.  Small red-orange fruit and purple blooms make an
    attractive ornamental Great for Maragaritas!

    Kieffer (Kaffir, Citrus Hystrix)

    Authentic, aromatic leaf essential for Thai cooking. Used in soups,
    vegetables and curry.
    Sweet Lime

    Two to chose from:  Mexican Sweet Lime is lightly tart and
     Palestine Sweet Lime is very mild.  Like all limes, fruit will turn
    yellow when fully ripe.