Dwarf Oranges


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All varieties of Aloha Honua Dwarf Citrus Trees are growing in  3 pot sizes:
                                                a 4x9" pot for $50.00
                                                a 5 gallon pot for$75.00 
                  and selected varieties in 15 gallon pots for $175.00    

Washington Navel 

California's famous winter-ripening variety.  Sweet, seedless fruit ripens in winter/early spring.

Lane Late Navel

Richly flavored spring ripening fruit stays sweet and juicy through the Summer.  Australian hybrid.


    Spring ripening.  Good for coastal areas to desert. Few seeds, heavy 
excellent producer.


    Grow your own orange juice!  This very sweet fruit takes time to 
    reach maturity. Best summer through early fall.


Midknight (Seedless) Valencia

For eating or juice. Summer ripening, sweeter than traditional  

Vanigila Sangulgno 
Acidless sweet orange.  Reddish-pink flesh aromatic hints of sweet vanilla 


     Distinct color and taste.  Striking purple-red color even in coastal 
     areas. Tart berry like flavor, ripens in the spring.


     A blood red juice and yellow/red rind. Tart, spicy flavor. Ripens in 
     spring, then stores well on tree. 

       Cara Cara Navel

      Seedless early winter Navel.  Rich sweet flavor, salmon colored           flesh.   Origin: Venezuela


          Newhall Naval

         Good color and flavor.  Ripens in early Winter and Spring.
          Bouquet de Fleur

         Foliage is rounded like a bouquet.


      Small myrtle-like leaves hug the stem. Sour orange fruit.                  Great for bonsai or garden accent plant.   

         Sour Orange

        Decorative Trees, fruits used for marmelade.