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                       Contract growing only

15 Gallon   5ft. tall   $125.00
                    15 Gallon 6 to 8ft. tall  $175.00



 Romeo Citrus Fertilizer  24-14-14

    Soluble plant food in solid concentrated form. Suitable for application to Citrus indoors or outside, all year round.  For application during normal watering.
        1 lb. bag                     $8.00


Dwarf Avocado

Bears May to September
8 to 12 foot tree or shape to desired height
Full or part sun exposure
The only true dwarf avocado variety.  A consistent bearer of excellent quality green-skinned fruits. 
 A wonderful choice for backyard use, as a container specimen or as an espalier. 
Best use in milder cllimates.  Self fertile but even bettter yield if multiple plants are used. 

Holiday Dwarf Avocado
Bears August to January
10 to 12 foot tree
Tree bears large 15 to 30 fruit with excellent flavor.  Fruits is pear shaped and holds on the tree very well.  The tree is a heavy producer and is great for small backyards.  
The variety is named Holiday because fruit harvest period is from Labor Day to New Years Day.